For many years we have been working behind some of the very best medical staff, office managers, and business owners. From Mercy Health to Donovan Energy we fix and repair their properties so they can continue to do what they do best and leave the maintenance to us. 

From routine maintenance programs with weekly scheduled visits to on-call help, we are there for our client right when and where they need us. 

Visit will include completing your list of maintenance items – more routine or ones that pop up.



Routine Maintenance 

We can fill the gaps in your current maintenance labor force. This is great for teams that have varying labor needs during different times of year. 




Energy being one of the largest business expenses, upgrading lighting can not only reduce costs, but improve user morale, and decrease heat output.



lighting upgrades

With a team positioned throughout the entire city we can react fast to any request.



On-Call Maintenance 

We have specialized construction technicians that can handle any interior improvement and alteration in your building from renovations to installs. 



We can help enhance or maintain your building exterior. From landscape installs, parking lot projects, or upkeep, we will improve this important first impression.



Exterior projects

We are organized to help with any facility challenge and work best when we become a point of contact for all your building needs. We will find the right solution and implement with speed. 


While we have a full team of maintenance technicians and alteration specialists that can handle most of the work, we will also be resourceful and call upon vetted partners to solve any problem for you. 

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1770 Mason Morrow Millgrove Rd.
Lebanon, OH 45036

+ 513-234-7989


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Fill us in. Let us know what your building needs are so we can offer unique solutions.


1770 Mason Morrow Millgrove Road

Lebanon, OH 45036

[right outside of Cincinnati]


(513) 234-7989


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