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Light up Avondale

We teamed up with the Cincinnati Zoo and Donovan Energy to help make the neighborhood of Avondale one of Cincinnati's most energy efficient communities.

Lighting conversion is now underway for several non-profits and churches in the neighborhood.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Zoo on the Light Up project. The project has an immediate impact in the community with better light, cost saving and contributes to much needed energy conservation,” said Patricia Milton, president of the Avondale Community Council. “The money that nonprofits/churches will save goes back into the community and means more programs, resources, services, and jobs for residents.”

The Light Up project also includes the installation of fresh, new, adequate lighting in areas that the Cincinnati Police Department (District 4) and the community have identified as trouble spots. “We’re hoping to push crime and violence away from the most vulnerable. Think daycares, schools, senior citizen facilities. I know it sounds simple, but just having the right lighting around the right corner can move criminal activity away from those that struggle to fight for themselves,” said Fisher.


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